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As you would already be aware, everyone comes to this life with a purpose to fulfil. When you surrender and allow the universe to suck you into place your heart will sing. When you don’t, you will move through life as if you were driving your car with the brakes on.

Some years ago I found myself in an enviable place where I had manifested almost everything I thought I had wanted at that time, and it was just a matter of adding to that achievement. I was living in London as the owner of a successful design business. I working with the rich and famous and a enjoyed a disposable income that gave me the freedom to do as I pleased.

It came as a shock to discover that there was still an emptiness felt inside that I couldn’t fill. I spent some time doing more of what I was doing in an attempt to delete this emptiness. I expanded my business in the hope that more money would fill the hole but the emptiness within me only increased. I then searched for another business to create a seamless transition from one into another. I wanted to avoid facing the crossroads without a security blanket, the inevitable journey one must embark on to create the new. But nothing manifested.

I was looking for the old dressed up as the new. There was no amount of gratification from the 3 dimensional planes that would ever satisfy a deep yearning to connect with spirit. No amount of staying in my comfort zone would ever get a song out of my heart. To embrace the new I needed to pluck up some courage, let go of the old to create some space, leap out into the void and experience this place of pure potential, so the new could come in.  

I had been interested in healing mind/body/ spirit for some time so I invested time and energy into studying and converting my hobbies into my work life. From this point on my life became my work and my work became my life. Having the opportunity to work in the field that I am passionate about is most rewarding and has been well worth the risk.  

I followed my heart and it led me to where I find myself now. The first 5 years was spent busily channelling all my energy into keeping my foot firmly planted on the brake, resisting my good fortune, kicking and screaming all the way.

Down the track a bit, after wearing out my brake pads, I now find myself in a place of being welcomed home. I got conscious of the futile struggle I was putting all my energy into, let go and surrendered to my purpose. I’ve hit the sweet spot. I now have the understanding that you will embrace your puzzle piece whether you like it or not. You can get dragged through life suffering all the way, or you can choose to do it with joy.

That home for me is the magic of Cosmosis™. Being part of a wave that has the potential to transform humanity to compassion and joy and restore planetary heath plays music in my heart. The Cosmosis™ Process isn’t just something you do when you have a feeling you would rather not have. It is something you hardwire into your system so that you are automatically running it 24/7, a whole new way of being. Just like you breathe or beat your heart. Imagine how it would be when humanity is aligned in all moments and connected to their purpose with hearts ablaze with love. The possibilities are endless.

I don’t need to retire because I’m doing what I love. Like the saying goes, ‘don’t let your retirement get in the way of your work.’ I’ve seen those who have a three-dimensional dream and get what they have desired of for many years only to find themselves lost and floundering because they have channelled so much energy into a finite project. The Cosmosis™ journey is infinite and the possibilities, for what can be achieved, endless. The journey continues.

Jenny Parker has studied the healing process and accelerated human change for over 25 years. This knowing and wisdom is put to use with people worldwide in her work as a coach and mentor, teacher, writer and inspirational speaker. For more info go to www.heartforce.com.au or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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