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RecoveryA common mistake we can make when we aren’t satisfied with our performance in a situation or interaction is to judge ourselves, perhaps beating ourselves up and treating ourselves harshly. All this does is eat away at our self-love and worthiness and ensures that we repeat the behaviour/pattern again.

The recovery strategy effectively assists us to turn our drawback/disaster into a blessing, putting our undesired behaviour to good use, gathering feedback and learning and growing from the experience, so if ever we find ourselves in a similar situation we will have new love based choices so that we can respond in a more loving way.

How to run the Recovery Strategy

We simply allow ourselves to review the situation or interaction, objectively and honestly, with no criticism, judgment or reclaiming the old, rather choosing to accept ourselves unconditionally as we are now (warts and all).

 With the wisdom of hindsight we then choose a more loving way to respond/act/behave next time. We can ask ourselves a few questions:

    What would love do in this situation?
    How could I have handled this in a more loving way to create a more harmonious outcome for the highest good of all concerned?
    How would I respond if I wasn’t taking this personally?

Internally we run the new loving scenario where we can see and feel ourselves being this new choice. This will imprint new ways of expression and build a database of more evolved love choices for us to draw on in future moments. We get back on the horse, judgment free, in total acceptance of self and armed with optimism, hope and some new strategies, prepared and ready to make our very next choice one of love.

NB. If we don’t have enough time immediately after the situation or interaction we can make a mental note to work with it in our Nightly Review (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for your free copy of the Nightly Review).

Affirmations to Support this Process

    There is always a better way.
    I am so much more than that (a great affirmation to tell ourselves as we acknowledge undesirable behaviour)

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