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Grateful and humbled.....
Nathan Wheldon - Chief Executive Officer - educationinstitute.edu.au

Nathan RyuI am the Chief Executive Officer of the Education Institute which operates in two countries, employ’s 50+ staff in which we have facilitated nationally recognised qualifications to in excess of 8,000 students within the past 6 years. When I first approached Jenny Parker for mentoring, I had been looking for that one special person which simply could understand where I was at within my personal and professional life and had a genuine interest to help me on my path of growth and development. Even though I didn’t personally know Jenny prior to working with her, the relationship just felt right in which I found it became a wonderful relationship due to the character and depth of knowledge which Jenny brought to my mentoring. I personally have had many mentors in my life and still do within the many different areas in which I operate my life within, however Jenny certainly stands amongst the best of any I have worked with and am significantly grateful for how she assisted me. I was working with Jenny for approximately 9 months in which within this time we set goals and an action plan to achieve. What I found is that through Jenny’s highly advanced mentoring skills, it helped me to accelerate to meeting milestones and goals ahead. I am confidently recommending Jenny to anyone looking to work with a mentor as I am sure you will enjoy the relationship as much as I do. Thanks Jenny for assisting, guiding and supporting me on my path of growth and development, I will always hold a very special place in my heart for you.

Claudia Vayda - phsychologist - Sydney, Australia 

Claudia VaydaMy previous ideas about those who followed the spiritual path was that they were all social misfits, poor gullible people who at best were fluffy, and at worst quite possibly unhinged. My studies in Psychology helped cement these notions well into place. A few years ago Jenny told me about the Insight Foundation. Jenny exhibits none of my prejudiced ideas about 'spiritual people', but instead is grounded, wise, keen eyed and insightful. She has been my mentor now for three years and has been a constant force for the better in me - challenging me when I am lazy, not judging me and creating a safe space for me to grow and learn. There is no fluff, but certainly plenty of truth, love and compassion. Jenny is a trailblazer, pioneering the way ahead to show me how far I can go and grow, constantly encouraging and accepting. With her support and teaching I have made steps in my personal and professional life that I would not have considered possible before. And there is so much more possibility!

Faith Ransom - Writer, Music Composer and Visual Artist - Western Australia, Perth.

Faith RansomHeartforce has assisted me to transform my world. When I work with Jenny, she holds a nurturing space of unconditional love. When I'm ready, open to a new way of seeing, she plants a delicate transformative seed of another way of being. It's ultimately up to me if I nurture this seed or deprive it, but she tells me how to care for it if I wish this new way to be my new way of life. In the past year, I've conquered more with her than I could ever dream or hope for in the most recent years of my life. Relationships with myself, family, friends are ever transforming into more living ones. She is assisting me to develop and follow my own inner compass - I knew what I wanted to do before I met Jenny, but I was stumped as to how. Now I'm finding how to from within me with Jenny's guidance and assistance, being a few steps shead and familiar with the pitfalls on the journey. If and when you're up for it, given you feel drawn to working with Jenny, I wish you all the best on your journey.

Michelle Pierre - Mum - Graphic Design Business Owner - Psychology Student
Michelle Pierre

Jenny has helped me tremendously in all aspects of my life! I first appeared on Jenny’s doorstep in 2009 in the middle of a relationship breakdown on anti depressants. I knew that I wanted to change and grow — I wanted to discover my reason for being and fulfil my life’s purpose. The journey of self discovery is not an easy one, I have learned that you need the right tools and guidance in order to be successful and most important of all you need a strong, loving presence and experience from a coach or mentor. No one can do it alone. Jenny has been a wonderful and integral part of my journey and I attribute my success and achievements to her guidance! Jenny shows enormous amounts of patience, kindness and love and I adore her straight-shooting, no nonsense, love filled approach to coaching. I am eternally grateful for having you in my life — thank you Jenny for years of understanding and insight, I look forward to the continued adventure!

Merry Cooper - Bowen Therapist - Singapore

Merry CooperJenny’s ability to guide me to the underlying issues and deal with them efficiently and permanently allowed me to move ahead quickly.




 Elinor Van Ommen - psychologist - Perth
Elinor van OmmenI am convinced that real personal growth requires a great deal of honest self-reflection and guidance from some wise outer-reflection.  In order to effectively tackle my own blind-spots I began to work with Jenny who has been the perfect mentor in the process of personal growth. Jenny has helped me develop curiosity, self-compassion and the necessary courage to engage in this process. I have found Jenny’s no nonsense approach a vital part of my ongoing development.  Jenny is someone who does not ‘pull any punches’ or hold back, but at the very same time provides the space for me to feel safe, and also to not take myself too seriously along the way. 

Sandra Guy-Writer and accupunturist-Amsterdam

Sandra GuyWorking with Jenny is always a pleasure. She has a way of opening me up to see my (self-imposed) limitations with humour, warmth and absolute clarity. Resistance comes crashing down and in its place I find acceptance, insight and hope. Jenny’s non-judgmental, down-to-earth style allows me to explore anything (and everything) in the sure knowledge that by the end of the session my most immediate problem will have been transformed into understanding, and I’ll have a strategy in hand to help me grow from there.

Carla van Raay - Perth - Australia - author of bestselling book ‘God’s Callgirl’

Carla van RaayJenny Parker has for over a year now helped me come to the reality of myself and the reality of love. I find Jenny to be a person who listens with her heart, understands better than myself what I am saying to her, and always brings me to a place where I feel more full of truth and more empowered. Jenny is a person I can trust with the deepest nuances of my feelings, so they can be brought into the light and transformed into love. My gratitude for having Jenny in my life is huge. I have waited all my life (and I am 72) for a mentor who is so wise and so trustworthy. 

Teri – retired solicitor - Perth

Teri BaileyI originally came to Jenny for Bowen Therapy for some physical pain I was experiencing. Pretty soon the sessions moved on to incorporate the source behind the pain. With Jenny’s guidance I came to realise that my pain and symptoms were related to fear. One of my fears was related to flying. I fly a fair bit and as I have got older my fear of flying has increased. Weeks before I used to fly I would get nervous and anxious. This time with a long round the world 14 flights trip planned, I went to see a hypnotist and got some help and breathing exercises but it didn’t deal with the underlying cause. Jenny’s healing into wholeness work cleared me of the fear and I took 14 flights with far less anxiety. I continue to go to Jenny now to help me with adjusting to my transition to retirement. With all the issues that surface during our sessions I am very comfortable in talking to Jenny about them.

Claire Newman-Life Coach and  Mentor-London UK

claire NewmanJenny was the catalyst to my own self discovery that catapulted me into my own re-awakening and discovering of the real me, where I have found and created my most important loving relationship - the one with myself and the intrinsic love within.Jenny has always been a shining light, and I was drawn to her huge heart and boundless wisdom that fits in with today's world, I received real answers and was supported, loved and guided by her as I found a way back to myself. I would recommend Jenny's services, especially the mentoring program to all who want to be all that they can be.

Julie Skinner - Clinical Leadership Program Facilitator - Perth
Julie SkinnerI have had the pleasure of knowing Jenny for the last 6 years and first met her as a Bowen therapist. I was strongly attracted to Jenny’s practical wisdom, fun loving nature and loving encouragement.Jenny has a passion for life, warmth and generosity that assisted me to  find my way home, uncovering who I really am, without the veils of illusion. I recommend Jenny to anyone seeking empowerment from a loving space that is real and true learning practical tools for heart mastery.
Ursula Curnow - healer - Melbourne

 Ursula FayeEight years ago my life really fell apart and I struggled to function in a productive way. Not a lot was going on that was really working well for me. Two years ago I started working with Jenny and I stand here amazed as I look back over my journey. So much guilt, blame, anger and grief has been released and so much more of the authentic me has been allowed to come through. I’m no longer defined by the “events” in my life that knocked me down, or the roles that other people are invested in. I’m finding out who I really am meant to be and I’m committed to a bright and loving future. Huge thanks to Jenny for holding my hand through the scary bits and helping me to discover what I was capable of. I’m a work in progress, to be sure, but I’ve already seen such transformation and achieved so much. Who knows what is possible for me now! I really can’t wait to find out.      

Arlene Miller - Lawyer - Longmont - Coorado - USA
Arlene MillerI love working with Jenny. She is down-to-earth, fun, light-hearted and inspiring. Jenny has the ability to know where I am at and help me pinpoint a faulty belief pattern or feeling that I am using to stall my growth and work with me to quickly clear it. I always feel loved and nurtured by Jenny. She never judges me. I feel really safe with her. I know that when I work with Jenny, she has my best interests at heart and really enjoys being of service. I am grateful to know Jenny and have her in my life.

Natasha - Sydney - Australia
Jenny is an ordinary human being who is genuinely living a spiritual life. She puts more effort than most into developing unconditional love, compassion and integrating spiritual mastery. It’s the work Jenny does on herself which allows her to be such a useful mentor to others travelling on the same path.

Miles Moody - Veterinarian, North Carolina - USA
Miles MoodyWhere spiritual gifts are concerned Jenny is multi-talented. Where mentoring is concerned, what can I say in her regard? Jenny conveys the most warmth of any person I know, and I know some very warm folks. The minute I sat down with her, I could feel the zone of unconditional positive regard that she was bringing into our interactive space. "Wow," I thought, "I feel perfectly at ease here. I feel that there is nowhere within me that I can’t go." Try working with her and see if you don’t find that the attitude of non-judgmental gratitude she holds isn’t simply the most wonderful place you’ve ever been.
There’s a lot to be said for the guide who has been to and come back from some of the dark places that others are currently wrestling with. Isn’t this exactly the sort of guide you would want….someone who has experienced healing all the damage that was done. You will find that Jenny has attained that degree of non-judgment that comes when one steps into the darkness and then finds within the light to shine the way back out again. Isn’t this just the sort of guidance we all want…someone who will show us the way out by going deeper within ourselves and discovering all those parts of ourselves that we are not yet aware of; those powerfully loving and compassionate spaces within us that are simply waiting for us to find them. Jenny can help you find the way there, within you, to a more authentic you. This is what I have found.

Sophie Lloyd - Transformational Coach - Melbourne
Sophie LloydI have been working with Jenny for over a year now and to say that life is no longer the same is an understatement! Her love, patience, compassion and great humour has been fundamental in supporting me to shift through deep unconscious unsupportive beliefs, patterns and fears which had been preventing me from moving forward in my preferred career direction. As a result I am now experiencing increased joy, confidence and success as I steadily pursue the growth of my new business. Working with Jenny has also enabled me to open my heart and connect with my authenticity on levels previously inconceivable to me. This aspect of my development has enabled me to create authentic relationships and experience increased intimacy, fun and connection. Jenny’s incredible insight into human nature enables her to continuously challenge me in a grounded and nurturing manner to assist me in reaching my goals.

Sophia Clewley - Owner - The Source Hairdressing - North Beach - Perth
Sophia ClewleyJenny has been my mentor for over a year now, and I can't express how much my life has changed for the better. I'm happier, healthier and anxiety free, and that is saying something when you run your own business and have a six year old daughter. Whenever I have needed guidance Jenny has always been there with an open heart and no judgment, she speaks her truth with love, and for this I am truly grateful. 
With love, light and joy, Sophia

Antoinette Bozanic - Naturopath/Homeopath - Perth, Australia
Antoinette BozanicLast year after a number of major changes taking place in my life I was left feeling a little bewildered and I realised it was time to pursue my own journey in search of some elements that were missing from my life - balance, courage and self worth.  I decided to take the next step and invest in my own self development so I started a course with the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre.  A Life Coach recommended Jenny to be my mentor whilst on the course and I never doubted that the decision I made was the right one.  Coming from a similar creative background to myself, Jenny and I connected right from the start and she has guided me to let go of my fears, stop living up to everyone else's expectation and start to speak my truth - I can now trust my inner voice again.  Thank you Jenny!

Jenny Taylor - Bowen therapist - life coach and mentor - Perth

Jen TaylorFor the past 2 ½ years I have had the privilege of knowing Jenny as both my Bowen Therapist and Life Coach Mentor through the Insight Foundation.Throughout this time Jenny has helped me address parenting issues along with anxieties and low self worth. Without judgement she has refreshingly directed an awareness of many of my old behaviour patterns.  Jenny has always been committed to nurturing the unfolding of my authentic self. My new capabilities have transformed my life into one of much more truth, love and abundance.  Learning how to create these changes and gain some psychological clarity has been a true blessing for myself and my family.

Lana Bilic - healer - Perth
Lana BilicI met Jenny when I was 13; she has been a true inspiration for the way that I choose my life’s direction. I’m now 18 years old and although indirectly for most of the time, she was a great mentor.  Now that I have chosen to step up on the path of love and spirit, continues to be a great mentor, through making everything very simple, she is to the point and pulling me straight back if I wander off, all at the same time with a sense of humor which is completely different from most people’s view of a ‘spiritual leader.’ She teaches me how to integrate my learning’s into my daily life instead of being on top of, it is a joy and a pleasure to work with Jenny.  

 Debbie Bates - Life Coach - Mentor and Healer – Brisbane - Australia
Deb Bates
With Jenny’s gifted mentoring I have been able to turn my life around. The skills and techniques that I have learnt so far are incredibly empowering. I have found my foundations are growing stronger by the day. Instead of looking from the lens of fear I now find it much easier to come from my heart.


Lynette Mitchell - Laughter For Living - Melbourne 

Lynette MitchellJenny Parker has been my mentor for a number of years and besides being a cut above the Bowen therapists who have worked on my body, she is a top notch mentor. Words flow easily for me and it is a challenge to write less instead of more. This time is particularly difficult, because words can never adequately express my feelings, respect, gratitude, love and appreciation for her! I see Jenny's greatest strength as holding a strong confront and enabling this in me. She sees through me, my illusions, glamour, excuses, justifications and at the same time, is my guiding light, my North Star, helping me to keep on track in both my personal and spiritual growth. I owe her much and value Jenny in an every changing, fluid, ongoing manner as she weaves her magic. This ultimately uplifts my life and I believe it then flows out through my family, relationships and into the Laughter Yoga work that I do outside in the community and marketplace. Thank you Jenny, with all my love, as you help me to be grounded as well as a more evolved spiritual being. Through our association, I live a more joyful and abundant life in the world.

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