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Welcome to the world of transformational change

Heartforce One-on-One Sessionsheart

We can assist you to:

     Overcome fear, self-sabotage & negative thinking

     Change unwanted behaviour

    Find your heart, find your purpose.

    Access the energy and power to achieve your dreams

    Become the change you want to see in the world

One of the hallmarks of successful people is that they are coachable. No matter how strong or weak their performance is in a particular area, they remain committed to continuous improvement and open to candid feedback. They understand that the purpose of the coaching process is to help them consistently live up to their highest potential.

If we aren’t growing, we are not staying the same, we are indeed atrophying. To be completely perfect, to need no more training or coaching is to stagnate or die. Remember, even gold medal Olympic athletes need coaches.  

Our tools and alchemical processes assist you with the personal transformation and self-mastery that you are seeking in your life. Blockages are dissolved and possibilities expanded -- enabling you to realize your full potential. Sessions can be conducted face-to-face in Perth, Western Australia, or by phone, video skype from anywhere in the world. Single, individual sessions as well as longer-term, ongoing services are available.

We recommend booking in for 5 sessions to achieve lasting transformation.

Or you may choose to take it one step further - working with a coach on a regular basis and allowing a wonderful synchronicity and co-creation with the universe so life can be set up in a way to facilitate amazing growth. We have a members lounge that is full of resources so that you have some tools to work with in between sessions to keep the journey of growth flowing.

For more information about embarking on a journey of growth and development and to book an appointment email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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